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Dance Costumes, Ballroom Dresses and Dancewear by Chrisanne

The true objective at CHRISANNE was dependably to deliver top of the line items that make an announcement. The association between the brands gave CHRISANNE credit as the costumers of decision for famous people and experts alike. For these clients, purchasing a CHRISANNE dress was not just acquiring a cast off outfit that left style inside a season – it was a bit of couture gently hand created with interesting SWAROVSKI® work of art. The astonishing impact of Solidified Swarovski Components on the extravagantly hand made textures leaves spectators hypnotized. These are dresses created to improve a man's execution, while likewise rising above the impulses of form. 

CHRISANNE's 20 year association with SWAROVSKI was established on a joint vision for accomplishing the best quality through craftsmanship. SWAROVSKI is synonymous with extravagance and the finest, accuracy cut precious stones. 

CHRISANNE's notoriety goes before itself having made famous and entrancing dresses, and outfits that have been seen on shows, for example, "Entirely Come Moving", "Moving on Ice", "The Illustrious Assortment Execution", "So you want to Move", and "England Has Ability". 

Regardless of whether it is costuming, dancewear, texture, or tailor made solidified pieces of clothing CHRISANNE has 23 years of fashion involvement in the business. They are the market Pioneers and trailblazers of Dance hall and Latin move styles, and the picked costumers of the expert world move champions. CHRISANNE supply textures and trimmings to any semblance of Jimmy Choo, Matthew Williamson, Gareth Pugh, and Philip Treacy, to give some examples. Most as of late they have worked in a joint effort with high society fashioner Isabell Kristensen to make the much pined for scope of ethereal high fashion ball outfits. 

Master staff convey clients an uncommon, customized benefit custom-made to the one of a kind style of every occasion, and every customer. This administration ranges from hand connected Solidified Swarovski Components to novel, hand painted material workmanship. CHRISANNE have made bespoke outfits for Woman Edna (Macintosh makeup's dream), and additionally uniquely crafted Swarovski precious stone encrusted coats for any semblance of Bluff Richard and Louis Mariette (as observed on Living TV's, England's Next Best Model). While getting saw for one's outfit is as critical as the current task being performed, CHRISANNE plan to be one stage in front of the patterns of the day. 

CHRISANNE works at the exceptional end of the market with a high accentuation on uniqueness of plan, in blend with top class craftsmanship in pieces of clothing. Be it a bespoke outfit, Textures, or Precious stones they are the providers of decision to superstars, beauticians, creators, and dressmakers around the world. Any semblance of Jodie Kidd, Lisa Snowdon, Alesha Dixon, Kelly Stream, Rachel Seeker, and Penny Lancaster have all been seen on "Entirely come Moving" in these BAFTA named ensembles. It is nothing unexpected consequently that CHRISANNE clothing has been seen on the pages of Grazia, The Gatekeeper, Best Magazine, You Magazine, The Every day Mirror, The Day by day Mail, The Night Standard, The Express, The Radio and television Times, and the aggregate site known as This is London. 

Throughout the years the diligent work and devotion of the CHRISANNE group has been perceived however the introduction of different honors and assignments: 

2005 - BEST BUSINESS Honor Sprinters UP 

2005 - BAFTA Honor Assignment FOR BEST Outfit 

2002 - BEST OF BUSINESS Honor Champs 

2001 - CARL-ALAN Honor Champs 

1993 - CROYDON BUSINESS Honor Victors 

1993 - THE Autonomous 100 BUSINESS Honor Victors

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