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Books are High Fashion

Have you anytime thought about the Louis Vuitton books? As a blissful bookworm and travel-sweetheart, it is marvelous to see such a frame ace like LV highlighting the noteworthiness of books and their grouping. To me, books are high shape.

The hypothesis behind Louis Vuitton city control 2009 is to magnificently exemplify urban territories with words and innovative vitality. Giving a careful and taught examination on the movements shaking the center of urban ranges and voicing odd points of view on shape, diagram, articulations of the human experience and gastronomy, each guide demonstrated the latest examples and offers stand-out proposal. While differentiating and past variation, Louis Vuitton shockingly indicates five volumes focused on five urban groups of the world: Mumbai, Miami, New York, Paris, and Tokyo. The updated city control boxes reference the heritage of Louis Vuitton, drawing inspiration from a vintage things name of the kind hotel bellboys would attach to voyager' trunks.

While significant darker shows up, the guide still backings the awe inspiring tones that have transformed into its trademark over the earlier decade. Pistachio Green for the European urban ranges, Renowned Blue for Paris, Buttercup for New York, Rosewood for Tokyo, Almond Green for Miami and Fuchsia for Mumbai.

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